59th WeiqiTV European Go Congress Liberec, Czech Republic 25. 7. – 8. 8. 2015

Weekend Tournament

  • The system is 60 minutes basic time, 3x 30 seconds byoyomi, McMahon with SOS, SOSOS, a 4 dan top bar, possibly a supergroup, the bottom bar at 20 kyu, even games.
  • Prizes go to the top 5 players and to players with 5 and 4 points.
  • Please register early! If you register for the weekend tournament and later on decide not to play in it you can still cancel your registration by using a special dropping form by Friday July 31, 24:00.
  • To drop rounds correctly mark them on the wall in the checklist "Drop Weekend" until one hour before the next round.
  • Result forms are used.