59th WeiqiTV European Go Congress Liberec, Czech Republic 25. 7. – 8. 8. 2015

Rapid Tournament

  • Thinking time: 30 minutes, no byoyomi.
  • All games are even, the pairing is done with the McMahon system (SOS, SOSOS). The top bar is 4 dan, the bottom bar at 20 kyu.
  • Prizes go to the 10 players with the highest winning percentages among all players above 16 kyu having played at least 7 games. The best 16 kyu or weaker also gets a prize.
  • The games start on time. The opponent or the tournament director ought to start the clock punctually. In view of the tight daily schedule this is absolutely necessary.
  • Result forms are used. The deadlines for putting result forms into the result boxes are 90 minutes after the announced start of the round. Thereafter both players forfeit the game.
  • It is prohibited to miss a round without formal notice! Each player must carefully consider how long he is going to play in the main tournament earlier the day. If he might miss the start of the Rapid round, he has to drop the round as follows. The same applies to players making excursions in the afternoon.
  • A player may enter the tournament for his first time by clearly entering name, rank, and last day of participation in the "Enter Rapid" form. The daily deadline is 15:00 and the player starts the following round.
  • A player may drop one or more rounds by using the "Drop Rapid" form. 15:00 is the deadline for the next round. A player may finally leave the tournament by marking "Leave" in the form.
  • A player automatically leaves the tournament after the last day he/she specified in the "Enter Rapid" form. A player prolonging his period is required to use the "Enter Rapid" form again in the same way as above, fill in the last day of participation and mark "Re-entry".
  • Penalty: A player missing a round neither dropped nor left is eliminated from the rest of the tournament and considered as having been unsportsmanlike. This ensures that every player has an opponent.