59th WeiqiTV European Go Congress Liberec, Czech Republic 25. 7. – 8. 8. 2015

Pairgo Tournament

  • The pairs must be formed in a way that the pair rank (exact average of the two players' ranks) is not higher than 5.5 dan.
  • The best 32 pairs play qualification in four groups (top pairs seeded), 4 pairs from each group qualify for the playoff finals.
  • Japanese rules are used, even games with komi 6.5. In the qualifications, the thinking time is 30 minutes and 3x 20 seconds byoyomi, then 40 minutes and 3x 20 seconds byoyomi are used in the playoff finals.
  • The remaining pairs (beyond the top 32) play in a side tournament, 4-6 rounds (depending on a number of participants), Swiss system, handicap games, Japanese rules, even games komi 6.5, the thinking time is 30 minutes and 3x 20 seconds byoyomi. The handicap is given by rounding down the difference in ranks of the two pairs. The maximal handicap is 9 stones. White wins ties.
  • The conduct should express a friendly and sportsmanlike atmosphere. The order of play is female Black, female White, male Black, male White. In games with handicap stones female White starts.
  • A pair may exchange only the following information: A player may ask whose turn it is. The player to move may ask for agreement to resignation. Illegal information forfeits the game. An announced resignation cannot be retracted.
  • A rotation error can be claimed only when the move just played was out of rotation. If the claimed rotation error was intentional, the game is forfeited immediately. If the claimed rotation error was unintentional, the offending pair receives 3 points penalty (gives their opponents 3 stones as captives). The game is always continued from the last person in a normal order.