59th WeiqiTV European Go Congress Liberec, Czech Republic 25. 7. – 8. 8. 2015

Computer go Tournament

  • The Chinese rules with 7.5 komi are used. The system should be Swiss, 5 rounds, even games (tournament system could be modified according to the number of participants). The thinking time is 60 minutes plus 10 stones/30 seconds Canadian byo-yomi.
  • The tournament will take place on KGS. The program should support communication using the GTP protocol, at least to the extent required by the official kgsGTP wrapper. We recommend that programs test playing complete games on KGS before the tournament.
  • The participants will have to use provided HW. The specification follows. CPU - Intel Core i5-4590 3.3ghz, x64, 4 cores, RAM - 8GB, Graphics card - GeForce GT 610, OS - Windows 8 preinstalled. Participants can boot live distributions as they please. We can provide live distribution of Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS.
  • Each program that enters the tournament must be accompanied by someone who will operate it. This may be its author or any volunteer. It is up to the person who enters the tournament to find someone who will operate his/her program.
  • The participants must honor fairplay. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and any violation will result in immediate disqualification from the tournament and will be publicly announced.
  • Financial prizes for the best three. The winning operator/bot will have a chance to play against a professional player.