59th WeiqiTV European Go Congress Liberec, Czech Republic 25. 7. – 8. 8. 2015

European Championship

  • 24 participants starting with the same Mac Mahon score. This Mac Mahon score is the same as the top-bar Mac Mahon score of the EGC Main tournament.
  • 4 preliminary rounds with McMahon system, 3 rounds playoffs for the top 8 players after round 4.
  • All games of the seven rounds are played under the same rules as in the EGC Main Tournament with time limit 2.5 hours basic time + 3x 1 minute byoyomi.
  • In each preliminary round the players are ordered according to: 1) number of wins, 2) entry EGF rating as of July 15 before the European Championship, 3) lotery
  • The players with two lost games in the preliminary rounds leave immediately the European Championship and may continue playing in the EGC Main tournament.
  • In case of 5 players with two losses after round 4 of the preliminaries, the top player with two losses still qualifies for the playoffs while the 4 other players leave the European Championship.
  • Pairing of players with the same number of wins is done according to their ordering, folded system (the top player with the bottom player etc), in the 4th round the top player with 3 wins will play the bottom player with 2 wins.
  • After round 4, the top 8 players continue the EC as a knockout tournament (1-8, 2-7 etc in the quarterfinals provided the opponents did not play each other in a previous round).
  • Aside the finals a game for 3rd place is played to establish placements of top 4 players.
  • All games excluding those played in the semifinals and finals count for the EGC Main Tournament as well.