59th WeiqiTV European Go Congress Liberec, Czech Republic 25. 7. – 8. 8. 2015


After exactly ten years, the Czech Republic is once again priviliged to organise the 59th European Go Congress which will be held in Babylon Centre, Liberec.

The Czech Republic is a small but lovely country with a rich history located in the heart of Central Europe and prides itself on magnificent scenery and an immense cultural heritage. The concentration of so many tourist destinations in such a small area is unique even in the European context as it has 12 sites listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Czech Republic has lots of different landscapes, from rolling hills and snowy mountains to nature reserves and valleys where crops are grown. Prague, the capital, is by all rights considered to be a real gem among all the cities and is a must to visit. The Czech Republic takes good care of its visitors as it offers- high-quality services to satisfy even the most sophisticated travellers at very favourable prices. There is a wide range of accommodation facilities, restaurants and a well-functioning transportation network.

Liberec is located in a valley between Ještědský hřbet and the Jizerské hory mountains. It lies close to the Czech border with Germany and Poland. With a population of over 100 000 it is the fifth-largest city in the Czech Republic and the third-largest in Bohemia. This city offers many interesting sites. The city boasts numerous important buildings, such as the City Hall built in neo-renaissance style, a symbol of wealth and the economical as well as cultural development of the town, F. X. Šalda Theatre, Museum of Northern Bohemia, and many other cultural and historical sights. Liberec is mostly known for the city's dominant Ještěd Tower. It is also an ideal place for walks or hiking tours in its environs.

The Babylon Centre is the largest in-door amusement, community and hotel complex in the Czech Republic. This unique project was built on the premises of an abandoned textile factory with an area of 25,000 square metres in 1997. It offers aquapark, lunapark, 3D motion simulator, golf simulator, laser game, wellness centre and many other attractions. It also includes a shopping village, more than ten different restaurants, bars and lounge space, a part of which is situated in the vault. There is also a disco and casino. All the tournaments and other events will take place here. We have created a separate page that is dedicated to the Babylon Centre where you will find further information about this unique complex.

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