59th WeiqiTV European Go Congress Liberec, Czech Republic 25. 7. – 8. 8. 2015

Beer Tournament

  • The tournament will be played in a pub, players will pair themselves – they will find an opponent and board to play. Every pair is allowed to play at most two games in the tournament.
  • The thinking time is 20 minutes without byoyomi. Handicaps according to rank difference up to 9 stones are used, in even games colours are decided by nigiri.
  • Winner of the tournament is the player with the highest sum of wins and drunk beers (one point for 0.5l beer). Tied placements are decided by: fewer games played, higher EGF rating.
  • First three players get a prize – vouchers for 15, 10 and 5 beers.

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Saturday, August 8

Today's newspaper "Lidove noviny"

Friday, August 7


Thursday, August 6

About 50 participants took part in yesterday's Poker Tournament organized by Tobias Berben. The winner of the competition was Ivan Oravec (5-kyu, Slovakia) - one of the best Czechoslovak go players in 70s.