59th WeiqiTV European Go Congress Liberec, Czech Republic 25. 7. – 8. 8. 2015

The Babylon Centre

The Babylon Centre of Liberec is a unique congress, hotel and entertainment centre in the heart of the city of Liberec.

Attractions included in the Gold type of accommodation in Babylon Hotel (free entrance, otherwise paid).


In the Babylon Aquapark you will suddenly find yourselves in the picturesque seaside town with a high lighthouse, only several steps from the mysterious marine world under the water level, full of different sea animals and corals where the octopus guards its treasure. On sunny days there is a large terrace open where you can sunbathe and enjoy view of the Ještěd Mountain and the city of Liberec. You can enjoy water level attraction like Aquazorbing or Aquaroller in the pleasant setting of a seaside town.

There are a lot of water attractions, such as:

  • pools and chutes
  • four shoot-the-chutes - Little Dragon, Anaconda, Galaxy and Tornado (adrenaline space-bowl)
  • romantic caves, relaxation zones
  • wild river
  • unique marine aquariums with sea fauna
  • whirlpools in caves
  • fountains and geysers
  • water and underwater massages
  • sauna and Roman steam
  • bars with snacks
  • pool water temperature 27°C - 30°C

If you get tired, there is nothing better than making use of the services of an experienced masseur, located just inside the Aquapark or visiting the Sauna World to relax in peace. It is a new part of the Aquapark - a new relaxing zone with beds and chairs and a zone for taking sauna. The whole section is separated from the noise of aquapark. The aquapark offers a combination of experiences to refresh body and soul.

Every day at 4:45 PM and 8:45 PM, there is a laser show in the Atrium Hall of the aquapark which is included in the entrance fee! The laser projection with 3D effects has 5 lasers projecting onto a nine metre wide pool with an accompanying scenic music wall, which promises an extraordinary experience for you.


A compound built in the style of Old Bohemian Funfair is situated on an area of 3,000 square metres and offers dozens of amusement attractions, including entertainment for children as well as adults, whatever the weather. The smallest children can find a small train with little ducks, a chairoplane, seesaws, climbing frames, a trampoline and various swings. Small and big visitors can enjoy the classic bumper cars or the popular "Toro" - wild bull simulator. During the summer the opening hours are extended till 10 PM. Equipment:

  • bumper cars
  • merry-go-rounds, climbing frames, trampolines
  • mountain climbing wall
  • wild bull rodeo
  • indoor adventure golf
  • videogames, simulators, etc.
  • all included in the entrance ticket price with no time limitations
  • snacks within the compound

More information can be found here.


iQpark is the first entertainment-educational centre in the Czech Republic. Lots of interactive exhibits, puzzles, optical illusions, logical games and physical laws in practice on 4 floors. Not only that, the fairytale science show is waiting for you every day during the whole holiday! Princess Vědomila and crazy scientist Zweistein perform experiments with a Van Der Graaf generator, liquid nitrogen and with gases. Come to touch 500,000 volts, invent a giant mushroom, make a fairy mist or toothpaste for elephants! You can enjoy:

  • more than two hundred interactive, playful, funny and educational exhibits from different spheres of human life
  • the exhibits are generally segmented into mingling thematic groups: Human, Environment, Games, Curiosities
  • fun and education for all age categories of different interests
  • items used in households of our predecessors
  • information on human (anatomy, senses, genetics)
  • demonstration of natural phenomena and laws
  • tests, rebuses, quizzes, games, puzzles


Just opposite the Babylon Centre, there is iQLANDIA, the super modern science centre. And what is waiting for you there? Ten interactive thematic exhibitions where you can try up to 400 exhibits that help to understand how things around us work. You will experience true earthquake or windstorm and you will find out how an astronaut in the universe feels. You can look forward to:

Modern interactive expositions

  • Man, or the Journey through the depths of the human body
  • ­
  • Sexmission, or Everything you need to know about puberty, sex, reproduction, birth, even sexual deviation
  • ­
  • Sound tower, or Keep an ear out!
  • ­
  • The Elements, or Fire, water, earth, and air
  • ­
  • The world of water, or Playing in the water without a raincoat
  • ­
  • Science at home, or How everyday items work
  • ­
  • Geo, or Astronaut training: fast and easy
  • ­
  • GeoLab, or Hurrah to the underground!
  • ­
  • TUL, or NANO everywhere you look

3-D Planetarium

  • ultramodern 3-D technology
  • extensive database of thousands of astronomical objects
  • ­
  • unique 3-D programmes on the mysteries of outer space, films on evolution, cosmonautics, and other topics, according to the current selection

Other attractions

  • Wellness centre – vast premises in the style of an ancient spa, where you can enjoy enjoy various spa procedures to your heart's content, relax and let yourself be pampered all day long, if you so wish. There are twenty different procedures available. You can also enjoy a salt-jodine cave and Sauna Club Afrikana. For further information click here (http://www.centrumbabylon.cz/wellness-2.html).
  • Bowling – a gaming club and bar in the style of the 1950s in America. Besides bowling you will find a billiard table and darts here.
  • Golf simulator – ideal for beginners, attractive for professionals, fairy tale golf for children, demolition golf for teenagers!
  • XD theater – 4D simulator will allow you tu experience the atmosphere of an unknown world where you will hardly separate fiction from reality. You can expect thrilling trips to other planets, to ice wilderness or to the depths of the Earth in the cockpit of a spacecraft.
  • DISCO as a part of the ALL INCLUSIVE night when you can enjoy 9 hours of unlimited entertainment, food and drinks for a set price in an original environment.
  • Las Vegas casino – try your gambling luck. American roulette, Black Jack, dice, slot machines, JACKPOT up to CZK 100,000. Entertainment for the whole night.
  • Virtual reality – exciting travel around a virtual world in a moving cabin.
  • Laser game – an adrenaline game with laser arms in the labyrinth of underground corridors. Safe, yet exciting.
  • Laser shot – Laser shooting range for hunters, sporting shooters and for people who only want to try out shooting (and accurate shot).
  • Video-game room – thrill and excitement on simulators, simulators, mechanical and electronic games.
  • Children's castle – a game-room for the smallest children located in the communication centre of the complex, where you can leave your children under professional supervision.
  • Moreover you can enjoy massages, beauty salons or hairdressing salons.

Photos of the Babylon Centre


Sunday, August 9

The fastest player of EGC was Kim Young Sam (7-dan, South Korea).

Saturday, August 8

Main Tournament - Final results

Saturday, August 8

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